Cellecta YELOfon

Cellecta’s YELOfon is a brand of acoustic insulation and soundproofing products designed to reduce impact and airborne noise in construction and building projects. These products are used to enhance sound insulation and create quieter living or working environments.


YELOfon products are typically installed in floors to reduce noise transmission between rooms or between different floors in multi-story buildings. They are often used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

YELOfon HD10+ is a complete system consisting of the following three key components. All components are supplied, no additional items are required. To comply with Robust Detail E-FC-5, 17 & 18 and achieve maximum soundproofing performance it is essential that all three components are installed.


  • YELOfon HD10+ rolls Installed directly on to the concrete floor,
  • YELOfon E-Strip Installed round the floor perimeter at the beginning of the installation to eliminate potential acoustic flanking,
  • YELOfon J-Strip Acoustic adhesive joining strip, used to combine sheets of YELOfon HD10+ and the surrounding E-strip. Eliminates risk of sound leakage.

YELOfon HD5 is a lightweight, easy to install non-crosslinked polyethylene foam, specifically designed to reduce impact noise through concrete floors with a floating screed. The product is Robust Detail E-FC-8 compliant when used in conjunction with XFLOOR 250.


  • YELOfon HD5 is the ultimate acoustic resilient layer for underneath a floating screed and is part of the Cellecta acoustic floor insulation range.
  • Supplied in lightwight rolls, they are incredibly easy to handle and lift on sight. Their thin composition also make them incredibly easy to cut on site, allowing for quick and simple installation. This represents significant benefits over rubber based flooring products that are typically heavy and cumbersome to install.

YELOfon ES-Strips

YELOfon ES-Strips are accessories used in conjunction with their acoustic products to further enhance the soundproofing and acoustic performance of a flooring system. These strips are typically designed to provide isolation between the acoustic resilient layer and the surrounding structure, which helps to prevent the transmission of impact noise and vibrations.

  • Here are some key features and uses of Cellecta’s YELOfon ES-Strips:

    1. Isolation: The ES-Strips are used to create a separation or isolation between the acoustic resilient layer, such as YELOfon HD10 or other products, and the structural floor. This isolation helps to reduce the transmission of impact noise, such as footsteps or dropped objects.

    2. Easy Installation: ES-Strips are typically easy to install and can be used in conjunction with the acoustic underlayment to ensure a continuous barrier of soundproofing.

    3. Increased Soundproofing Performance: By using these strips, you can further improve the overall soundproofing performance of the flooring system, creating a more acoustically comfortable living or working environment.

    4. Compatibility: The ES-Strips are designed to work with specific Cellecta acoustic underlayment products. It’s essential to use them as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure the best results.

    5. Specifications: The specific specifications and installation guidelines for YELOfon ES-Strips may vary based on the product and its intended application. It’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or contact Cellecta directly for precise details regarding the use of these strips in your project.

YELOfon FS 15, 30, 50

Cellecta’s YELOfon Flanking Strips (FS) are an essential component of acoustic installations designed to reduce sound transmission, especially in floors. Flanking strips are used to isolate the acoustic flooring material, such as ScreedBoard 28, from the surrounding structure to prevent the transfer of sound and vibrations. These strips are installed at the perimeter of the room and create a barrier that helps in minimising sound leakage and enhancing the overall acoustic performance.

Key features and uses of YELOfon FS typically include:

    1. Isolation: Flanking strips are used to create a separation between the acoustic flooring material, such as ScreedBoard 28, and the surrounding elements, such as walls and skirting boards. This isolation prevents sound and vibrations from traveling through the building’s structure.

    2. Enhanced Soundproofing: By using flanking strips, you can improve the soundproofing performance of your flooring system. They ensure that the acoustic benefits of the acoustic overlay board are not compromised by sound traveling through the edges of the room.

    3. Compatibility: These strips are typically designed to work with specific Cellecta acoustic floating floor products and are intended to be used as part of a comprehensive soundproofing solution.

    4. Easy Installation: Flanking strips are usually straightforward to install. They are placed at the perimeter of the room, and the acoustic overlay board is installed over them.

    5. Reduction of Impact and Airborne Noise: When properly used, flanking strips help reduce both impact noise (e.g., footsteps) and airborne noise (e.g., voices) in the room.