Robust Detail Compliant Acoustic Solutions

The Robust Details scheme is an alternative to pre-completion testing for satisfying Part E of the building Regulations. Selecting a tried and tested solution that has undertaken rigorous testing gives specifiers, developers and contractors piece of mind that the design being utilised will meet acoustic requirements.


Specifiers can select from a number of approved constructions that will, if followed and installed correctly, provide a level of performance in excess of Part E requirements. Contractors simply register each unit adopting the detail with Robust Details Ltd (tel. 03300 882141 or online


Before contacting RDL, you can select the relevant detail from a host of designs shown below, to suit your floor/wall type and floor finish. Cellecta even carry proprietary systems incorporating underfloor heating systems.


All Cellecta floating floor treatments have been independently validated by the British Board of Agrement and carry the BBA Robust Detail verified mark.