Recycling Programme

Cellecta’s recycling take back scheme

As the UK’s leading innovator, manufacturer & supplier of environmentally friendly, high performance thermal, acoustic and underfloor heating products and systems. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Unlike other recycled materials, such as paper and plastics, gypsum-based products can be recycled an unlimited amount of times allowing for a true sustainable alternative to landfill.

If you have Cellecta waste that you do not want to send to landfill, contact us to discuss your options.

What are the Benefits?

  • Cheaper than landfill
  • Help with circular economy
  • Projects become more sustainable
  • Can help with BREEAM and LEED projects


  • Confirm access availability on site
  • Forklift will be needed for collection of bags
  • Load within 1 hour of the lorry arriving on site for collection
  • Ensure site can accommodate skips/ bags before arranging


  • Cost saving by not sending to landfill
  • Nationwide recycling solution
  • Projects become more sustainable
  • Can help with BREEAM and LEED projects
  • Help with circular economy
  • Support from Cellecta team

Available with the following products

Awarded Silver Status from Supply Chain Sustainability School

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Recycling Scheme