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Cellecta are part of the RIBA CPD providers network, offering a range of free, RIBA approved seminars.

Over 800 architects and specifiers have attended our online seminars via Zoom. During the last few months we’ve received some great feedback.

“A clear and informative seminar presented well”

“Valuable experience recommend to fellow professionals”

“Extremely rich and easy to navigate”

“Very good seminar that covered my learning under the building regulations”

“The seminar provided a good overview on the possible technical solution for a correct soundproofing, both in new build and refurbishments. Very interesting”

“Great content and concisely explained”

“Great presentation with a lot of info and Q&A session.”

“Relevant topic with valuable practical advice!”

“The seminar was well paced and well delivered. As a sole practitioner, it’s very handy to now have access to such seminars, compared to them being held at larger practices to which I would have no access.”

“As society evolves, so does the complexity of Architecture. It is unforgiveable to design a building susceptible to noise pollution. Human Well-Being needs to at the top of the Architects design objectives. New-Build or Refurbishment, there are systems available which limit the stressful effects of poor sound insulation, impact and noise trunking.”

Soundproofing Solutions

  • The legislation and regulations that are covered under Part E of Building Regulations
  • How to comply and adhere to these utilising pre-completion testing and Robust Detail applications
  • Implementation of acoustic principles in both design and on site, to ensure compliance
  • Suitable solutions for floors, walls and ceilings

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10am to 11am 19/07/24

Floor Levelling Solutions

  • Why uneven floors occur in construction
  • Why uneven floors are a problem
  • What solutions are available
  • UK regulations
  • The health and safety benefits of these types of floors

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10am to 11am 12/07/24

Heated Floor Treatments with Underfloor Heating

  • Why you would choose underfloor heating
  • The installation of underfloor heating in traditionally screeded floors and dry board options
  • Design considerations, floor build-ups and the effect on finishes
  • The effect floor elements have on the overall floor performance
  • Other underfloor heating solutions available

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Insulated Suspended Ground Floors

  • The CPD highlights the issues with currently suspended floor methods, such as block and beam, and timber.
  • The CPD goes into more detail around EPS suspended floor systems. Key highlights are the reduction in CO2 and weight off the systems.
  • By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
    – Suspended floor issues
    – Benefits of EPS suspended floors over beam and block/timber
    – Reduction in CO2 and environmental impact
    – Health and safety

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10am to 11am 17/07/24