Launch of Mojave®

  Cellecta, respond to a rapidly growing underfloor heating market with the launch of Mojave® Cellecta, the UK specialist Acoustic and Thermal Insulation manufacturer have launched their Mojave® dry laid underfloor heating system. The system brings together a series of well-known components consisting of high-performance acoustic layers, XFLO® high-compressive strength extruded polystyrene (XPS), ULTRAplate aluminium diffuser

Soundproofing secrets for a quieter student block

Student accommodations can be noisy environments which can disrupt sleep, add to stress, infringe on privacy, and generally compromise quality of life. Achieving a high acoustic performance throughout a building where there are lightweight walls and many social break-out spaces is a task that needs to be done right from the off. As developers and clients are more frequently choosing modern methods of construction, such as off-site and modular building, the need to get the acoustic specifications right has become more important than ever. When designing these types of mixed-use multi-occupancy living, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered at the planning stages to ensure the design brief is met.