Residential Case Study

Little Windrush, Oxfordshire

Project Background

Little Windrush was an abandoned hotel beside the A40, which has been redeveloped into  a new community of homes, a farm shop and a restaurant. The development consists of two stages; the first stage includes the creation of 8 cottages, and the second stage involves extensively renovating and refurbishing the hotel into 24 luxury flats. These apartments, located within an area of outstanding natural beauty at the centre of the Cotswold, will have views over Windrush Valley.

Cellecta’s ScreedBoard 28 was specified by coombes:everitt architects due to its high density and unique resilient layer providing unrivalled acoustic performance, typically 5dB better than legislative requirements. It is an award-winning composite acoustic overlay treatment featuring interlocking edges for installation convenience.

Westfields Homes was awarded this 4,000m² contract to construct this regeneration in Oxfordshire.


coombes:everitt architects


Westfields Homes

Type of Construction


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Products Installed

  ScreedBoard 28



“Suitable for all types of steel, concrete and timber floors”

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ScreedBoard 28