Residential Case Study

Britannia Wharf, Woking

Project Background

Britannia Wharf is a structure consisting of 52 stunning canal-side apartments. This development consisted of the demolition of a 5 storey office building and the construction of an all-wooden private high-end luxury apartments constructed on a large expanse of greenery. With the inclusion of four penthouse apartments on the fourth floor, the entire structure of the building was designed with timber frame overlooking the remarkable wildlife corridor of the reclaimed historic Basingstoke Canal.

Cellecta’s DECKfon Batten 70 was specified by ADN Planning as they have been rigorously tested and are robust detail complaint for steel, concrete and timber separating floor applications. The battens consist of a layer of recycled, low resonance, open cell, flexible polyurethane foam bonded to an FSC/PEFC certified timber batten.

Consero London was awarded this 6,000m² contract to construct this development in the centre of Woking, London.


ADN Planning


Consero London

Type of Construction


Project size


Products Installed

  DECKfon Batten 70

  FIBREfon Micro 15



“Outstanding acoustic performance available in two thicknesses”

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