Enhance Soundproofing with Cellecta DECKfon Acoustic Overlay Boards

Are you looking to reduce impact sound transmission through concrete floors or enhance the soundproofing performance of existing timber floors?

Look no further than Cellecta DECKfon Acoustic Overlay Boards. Specifically designed for conversion projects and refurbishments, these boards offer outstanding acoustic performance and ease of installation.

Versatile Solutions for Your Project

Whether you’re working on a conversion project with timber decking or refurbishing existing timber floors, DECKfon Acoustic Overlay Boards provide the perfect solution. Available in three thicknesses:

  • 17mm (17T)
  • 26mm (26T)
  • 30mm (30T)

These boards cater to a variety of project requirements, ensuring optimal soundproofing results.

Features & Benefits

Tongue and Groove Edge Detail: Facilitates secure and straightforward installation, ensuring a snug fit between boards.

Outstanding Acoustic Performance: Designed to significantly enhance soundproofing performance, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment.

Moisture-Resistant P5 Chipboard Facing: Offers durability and reliability, suitable for various applications.

Dimensions: Each board measures 2400mm x 600mm x 26mm, providing ample coverage.

Recycled Resilient Foam Layer: 8mm thick, contributing to enhanced sound absorption and impact resistance.

Quick and Easy Installation: Streamlines the installation process, saving time and effort.

Installation Details

DECKfon Acoustic Overlay Boards are installed on top of a timber sub-deck, which is laid on timber floor joists. The tongue and groove edge detail ensures a secure fit, while the boards’ dimensions and weight make handling and installation efficient and straightforward.

Choose the Right Thickness for Your Project

Select from the available thicknesses (17mm, 26mm, or 30mm) to tailor the soundproofing solution to your specific project requirements.

DECKfon Acoustic Overlay Boards offer a versatile solution for both new construction and refurbishment projects. Incorporate them into your project to achieve superior soundproofing performance and create a quieter, more comfortable living or working environment.

Don’t compromise on sound quality. Choose Cellecta DECKfon Acoustic Overlay Boards for superior soundproofing solutions.

DECKfon 17T

  • DECKfon 17T is designed for improving sound insulation in timber and concrete floors.
  • It is often used in residential and commercial settings to reduce impact noise from footsteps and other sources.
  • The product has 8 mm resilient open-cell layer, made from recyclable flexible polyurethane.

DECKfon 26T

  • DECKfon 26T is a thicker acoustic flooring system designed for applications where high levels of impact sound reduction are required.
  • It’s suitable for various flooring types, including engineered wood and ceramic tiles.
  • The product has 8 mm resilient open-cell layer, made from recyclable flexible polyurethane.

DECKfon 30T

  • DECKfon 30T is a high-performance acoustic flooring system suitable for timber and concrete floors.
  • It is designed to offer exceptional impact sound reduction and is often used in multi-story buildings.
  • The product has 8 mm resilient open-cell layer, made from recyclable flexible polyurethane.