Cavity Closers UNICLOSER X

High Performance Thermal Cavity Closers


UNICLOSER Thermal Cavity Closer

Cellecta’s high performance cavity closers are ideal for window and door applications. They are available in standard thickness’ but can also be manufactured to thickness’ to suit specific applications (30-300mm in 1mm increments).


Cavity Closer Key Benefits

  • Eliminate cold bridging around windows/doors
  • Effective DPC
  • Compatible with both full and part fill cavity insulation

HEXATHERM Accreditations

Superior thermal performance

UNICLOSER X’s excellent thermal performance of >0.45m2k/W eliminates cold bridging, reducing heat loss around window and door openings, saving money and reducing pollution.

User Friendly

UNICLOSER X is a rigid, lightweight product which can easily be cut to size using a fine tooth saw. UNICLOSER X is manufactured from extruded polystyrene, which creates no irritable dust when cut.

Compatible & Flexible

Six standard widths and two different profile configurations are available to suit specific design details.

Quick & Easy to Install

UNICLOSER X’s can either be fixed to the frame prior to installation, built into the wall during construction, or mechanically fixed once the wall has been constructed. UNiCLOSER X fixings and wall ties supplied separately.


UNICLOSER X’s insulation core is Code for Sustainable Homes Pol 1 compliant (<5 GWP) and 100% recyclable


Cavity Closer Applications

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