Robust detail Compliant Acoustic Solutions

Robust detail Acoustic Insulation Solutions


Cellecta manufacture an extensive range of Robust detail compliant solutions for timber, concrete and steel floors. For more information on Robust detail compliant products call us on 01634 296 677 or visit the Robust details website here.

In-situ Concrete Slab Floors

Robust Detail & PCT

Modified Beam and Block Floors

(For use with dense aggregate block flanking walls only)

Suitable application products:


Pre-cast Concrete Plank Floors

Robust Detail and PCT

Suitable application products (All below products required):

Steel Concrete Composite Acoustic Flooring Applications

Robust Detail (New Build only) and Pre-completion test solutions:

Suitable application products:

Ultra Beam Metal Web Joist Floors

Pre-completion test (New Build & Refurb/Conversion) solution

Suitable application products:


Timber I-Joist Floors

Robust Detail (New build only) and Pre-completion test solutions:

Suitable application products:


Suitable application products:



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