YELOfon ES & FS flanking strips

YELOfon ES & FS – Acoustic Edge & Flanking Strips

YELOfon Flanking Strips Product Details

YELOfon ES (edge strips) & FS (Flanking strips) are lightweight, flexible extruded polyethylene strips. When installed around the floor perimeter they will eliminate acoustic flanking with the wall and the treatments.

  • Excellent isolation properties
  • ES strips supplied in rolls, 5 and 10mm thick,available in a multitude of heights
  • FS strips offered to pre-formed angle sizes: 30 x 30mm & 50 x 30mm Click here for more information 

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What Flanking Strip Do I Need?

Cellecta supply flanking and edge strips in various thicknesses and widths to suit specific flooring applications. For a example where a acoustic thin floor board is being installed a 30/50mm flanking strip may be suitable, however when a thicker system is required 100mm Edge strip may be the best option. Cellecta’s technical literature highlights the most appropriate edge or flanking strip for each application, however for additional information contact Cellecta’s technical experts on 08456 71-71-74.

What If I Don’t Install Acoustic Flanking?

Failure to install the correct acoustic flanking/edge strip, or completely dismissing it during installation can result in the floor failing the acoustic sound test. For more information on soundproofing floors visit the Cellecta acoustic floor insulation page.

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