YELOfon acoustic floor insulation products

YELOfon Resilient Layers for Concrete Floors and Acoustic Flanking

YELOfon resilient acoustic layers consist of thin, polyurethane insulation rolls and strips designed for a multitude of soundproofing applications. YELOfon rolls are ideal for resolving impact noise issues on concrete floors and hugely effective in achieving Part E Building Regulations Compliance. The YELOfon HD10+ System is a widely recognized soundproofing system for under screeds and features its own proprietary Robust detail’s E-FC-5 & E-FC-17. YELOfon flanking and edge strips are used with all of Cellecta’s flooring solutions (rolls, overlay boards, mats etc) and are available in various thickness’ and sizes to accommodate specific flooring requirements and are suitable for eliminate potential sound leakage.

YELOfon HD10+ Product Details

YELOfon HD10+ is the ultimate acoustic layer for underneath a floating screed. The acclaimed high density, non cross-linked, HCFC free polyethylene resilient layer system carries its own proprietary Robust detail E-FC-5  & (E-FC-17)YELOfon HD10+ is a lightweight, easy to install system that delivers unrivalled acoustic performance when used to isolate a floating screed from structural concrete floors.

  • Superior impact sound deadening properties
  • Suitable for all types of concrete floors and screeds
  • Lightweight, easy to cut and install rolls
  • Robust detail treatment (E-FC-5) & (E-FC-17)
  • Over 8,500,000 m2 successfully installed

YELOfon HD10+ System Benefits


YELOfon HD5 Product Details

YELOfon HD5 is a lightweight, easy to cut and install non-cross polyethylene foam, specifically designed to reduce impact noise through concrete floors with a floating screed. When used in conjunction with Cellecta HEXATHERM XFLOOR and DECKfon Ultralay 5, it is Robust detail E-FC-8 compliant

  • Only 5mm thick
  • High impact sound deadening properties
  • Ideal for floors incorporating an underfloor heating system
  • Robust detail E-FC-8 Compliant


YELOfon Flanking Strips Product Details

YELOfon ES (edge strips) & FS (Flanking strips) are lightweight, flexible extruded polyethylene strips. When installed around the floor perimeter they will eliminate acoustic flanking with the wall and the treatments

  • Excellent isolation properties
  • ES strips supplied in rolls, 5 and 10mm thick,available in a multitude of heights
  • FS strips offered to pre-formed angle sizes: 30 x 30mm & 50 x 30mmClick here for more information 

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