RUBBERfon IMPACT & ULTRATOP – It’s high compressive strength makes it suitable for a multitude of applications including underfloor heating.

RUBBERfon IMPACT & ULTRATOP – Made from 100% Recycled Rubber and Cork content, the product is suitable for all floor finishes including ceramic tiles, vinyl, wood and laminates.

  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • RUBBERfon IMPACT – Available in five thickness: 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8mm*
  • RUBBERfon ULTRATOP – Available in two thickness: 3 & 5mm*
  • Easy to cut to size and install
  • Suitable for UFH applications
  • High compressive strength

*Other sizes manufactured to order, subject to minimum quantity



Additional Resources

In-situ concrete slab – PCT Solution

  •  RUBBERfon ULTRATOP 3-5 on In situ slab
  • RUBBERfon IMPACT 3 on in-situ slab
  • RUBBERfon IMPACT 4 on in-situ slab
  • RUBBERfon IMPACT 5 on in-situ slab
  • RUBBERfon IMPACT 6 on in-situ slab
  • RUBBERfon IMPACT 8 on in-situ slab

Pre-cast concrete plank

Additional Info – Acoustic Underlay Flooring

Acoustic RUBBER floor rolls are a commonly used method of enhancing the soundproofing performance of concrete floors and are effective in eliminating impact sound. Supplied as rolls, they should be laid on level floors and can be cut to specific floor requirements using a sharp knife. Available in various thicknesses they represent a very versatile solution and give a level of reassurance under foot.

For more information about RUBBERfon acoustic floor coverings and its suitability for your project or development call Cellecta’s expert technical team on 01634 29-66-77. For more information on acoustic floor insulation visit the following page.


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