FIBREfon Micro 50

SUPER SOFT Sound Proofing Insulation Rolls


FIBREfon Micro 15 & 50 are sound absorbing wool rolls made from a unique polyester fibre which provides very high sound absorption properties. Despite their slim design they provide the same acoustic performance as traditional mineral wool products that are twice as thick, which means they not only produce excellent acoustic performance, but take up less space on deliveries and in storage. They can be fitted between joists in ceiling cavities or the void in partition walls. Thanks to their unique composition they are also super soft and itch-free unlike other mineral wools, making them easy to handle on site.

  • Only half the thickness required compared to traditional mineral wool to achieve the same acoustic performance
  • SUPER SOFT NON-ITCH fibres, no glass or rock. Soft and easy to handle
  • Available in two thickness’: 15 & 50mm
  • Supplied pre-cut to suit the application


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