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The DECKfon acoustic insulation range, features a number of high performance soundproofing products, for different construction types. DECKfon acoustic battens have been engineered for new build concrete, timber and steel floors, whilst DECKfon acoustic overlay boards (26T, 17T & 30T) are designed for refurbishment and conversion developments. For further information on each of the products in the DECKfon range click the associated More product information link at the bottom of each product section.

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DECKfon Acoustic Battens 45 & 70

DECKfon Batten 45 & 70 – DECKfon  acoustic battens consist of a layer of recycled, low resonance, open-cell, flexible polyurethane foam bonded to an FSC certified timber batten. Rigorously tested, they are robust details compliant for steel, concrete and timber separating floors

    • Outstanding acoustic performance
    • FSC certified timber
    • Over 4,000,000Lm successfully installed
    • Robust Detail treatment for E-FS-1  E-FS-2E-FC-1E-FC-2 and E-FC-7

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DECKfon Sound Proofing Overlay Boards Product Details


DECKfon 26T

DECKfon overlay treatments are designed for conversion projects where the joist are covered with a timber decking and the ceiling is to be replaced. They can also be used to reduce impact sound transmission through a concrete floor.

  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Available in three thickness’: 17, 26 & 30mm
  • Incorporates moisture resistant floorboard
  • Tongue and groove edge detail
  • Quick and easy to install

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PCT Applications:

CAD drawings


More DECKfon 17T, 26T and 30T product information

[/wptabcontent] [wptabtitle]Ultralay 3 & 5[/wptabtitle][wptabcontent]

DECKfon Acoustic Soft Floor Covering Product details


Ultralay soft floor acoustic coverings

DECKfon Ultralay 3 & 5 high density soft floor coverings, are lightweight and easily installed. When fully bonded to a concrete floor DECKfon Ultralay will dramatically reduce impact sound transmission, ensuring compliance with Part E

  • Ultimate impact sound reduction
  • Available in two thickness: 3 & 5mm
  • 5mm Robust detail E-FC-8 compliant
  • Easy to cut to size and install[/wpcol_1half]


RD Applications:

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More DECKfon Ultralay Information


[wptabtitle]Ultramat 15[/wptabtitle]  [wptabcontent]

DECKfon Ultramat 15 Product Details

DECKfon Ultramat 15

DECKfon Ultramat 15 is a high density, open cell, recycled polyurethane acoustic mat. It is the quickest and easiest way to dramatically improve the acoustic performance of a decked timber floor where the ceiling cannot be disturbed and the floor height to ceiling height is restricted.

  • High Acoustic Performance
  • Only 15mm thick
  • Quick & Easy to Install
  • Easy to cut to size and install

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[/wptabcontent] [wptabtitle]Quattro & 37T[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

DECKfon Direct to Joist Acoustic Overlay Board Product details

DECKfon Quattro 39

DECKfon 37T sound proof flooring

DECKfon structural treatments are designed to be laid directly on timber floor joists. DECKfon 37T will improve the acoustic performance for timber floors where the ceiling is to be replaced and DECKfon Quattro 39 & 45 for floors where the ceiling is to be retained.

  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Three Thickness’ available: 37, 39 & 45mm
  • Moisture resistant chipboard
  • Tongue and groove edge detail [/wpcol_1half]


Technical Resources

PCT Applications:

CAD Drawings


More Information on DECKfon 37T and Quattro

[/wptabcontent] [wptabtitle]Cradles[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

DECKfon Cradles Product Details


DECKfon Cradles are a quick and easy way to level all types of uneven floor. The floor is levelled by inserting incremental, high impact plastic packets between the cradle and a timber batten. The battens are then covered with a timber deck to complete the treatment.

  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Levels all types of floor structures
  • Robust Detail FFT4 Compliant
  • Supplied with acoustic pad
  • Fine adjustments made with packers

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RD Applications:

CAD drawings

More DECKfon Cradles Product Information

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