Acoustic Insulation & Soundproofing

Acoustic Insulation and Soundproofing

Acoustic Insulation Soundproofing Required

Acoustic insulation and soundproofing is unfamiliar territory for many people. It is a feature of a property or development that is highly valued through the process of living or working, but isn’t the first consideration when it comes to purchasing a property or commencing a new project. More often the aesthetically pleasing, or more visible elements of a development take precedence. Cellecta discuss the basics of acoustic insulation and why it shouldn’t be taken for granted, and why all stakeholders from specifier to homeowner should make it a priority.

Acoustic Insulation
– What is it?

DECKfon 26T Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic insulation can take various forms including boards, sheets, rolls, mats, battens and more. However, acoustic insulation products aren’t just standard off the shelf products, in most cases they feature or consist of a high performance resilient layer, either a foam or fibre which provides significant sound deadening properties. In the case of an acoustic chipboard product the resilient layer (high grade foam) has been bonded to a chipboard. The acoustic chip boards are usually installed on refurbishment and conversion floors.

Once installed a perimeter flanking strip is placed around the floor to prevent the sound from escaping. To further assist with eliminating airborne sound intrusion, an acoustic insulation roll may be installed between the floor joists. Cellecta’s chipboard solution DECKfon 26T can be found here.

Soundproofing Product?

There are various types of acoustic insulation, all of which provide different performance on different floor constructions. There are some solutions such as Cellecta’s ScreedBoard which is suitable for all floor types and offers many installation and project benefits. However, it is common that the construction of the development has been pre-decided and other solutions are more suitable, or specific floor heights need to be achieved.Screed_Board_28Ultimately, the acoustic insulation product should be selected based on your project requirements, and to achieve this it is important to speak to a specialist. Cellecta’s technical team are a call away on 01634 296 677 and can help with your requirements. Additional resources discussion acoustic insulation for floors can be found here.

Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic Insulation Rolls

Some acoustic insulation products such as DECKfon 26T are relatively simple installation and by following the Cellecta’s installation video guide can be achieved by someone with a keen interest in DIY. However, other systems require more sophisticated workmanship and it is recommended that these are installed by a specialist or ground worker already assigned to the project. Acoustic insulation is only as effective as the quality of installation and getting an experienced installer or technical advice before hand is essential.

This is especially apparent where a property is in poor condition or there may be some irregularities in construction. Please note, Cellecta do not take any responsibility for the installation of products, but all products and systems have been rigorously tested in laboratories and on live projects to ensure they achieve part E acoustic requirements.

Acoustic Insulation is
Required to Achieve Part E


Satisfying part E Building regulations is an essential part of any new development, failure to do so will lead to property being unsuitable for occupation. This means Building Control will not sign off the property and ultimately an income can not be gained from rental or sale. Acoustic insulation should be installed based on the most suitable solution for the construction that is being built.

There are various floor and wall solutions available to help meet the impact and airborne noise requirements and it is important to speak to an expert. Cellecta’s technical team can help you satisfy these requirements, call them on 01634 29 66 77 or use the . Additional resources available include acoustic insulation for floors and Part E Acoustic Building Regulations

Ignoring Acoustic Insulation
can be Costly

Failure to install or correctly install acoustic insulation can be costly. The likelihood is the property will fail sound testing and significant remedial work is required, with the existing floors/walls needing to be taken up for acoustic insulation to be introduced.

Equally cutting corners and shortcuts is ill-advised as whilst the property may scrape through the test, it may have a significant influence on the properties value. It can also result in unhappy tenants and homeowners which again can lead to significant rental and sale headaches further down the line.

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No matter how much you can learn about Acoustic Insulation from this website, Cellecta recommend discussing your project with us before making any decisions. This will give you piece of mind that solution of system exactly meets your needs and ensures you are purchasing a product that offers the best value based on those requirements. Cellecta’s technical team can be contacted via the following methods phone: 01634 29 66 77 email: contact form here.

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