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High Performance sound proofing solutions for your refurbishment project


Stop the noise with Cellecta sound proofing

Cellecta’s range of  sound proofing solutions for refurbishment floors and walls are ideal for silencing noisy neighbours and other sources of unwanted sound. Cellecta’s products have been rigorously tested to reduce airborne and impact sound transmission to significantly improve occupants living conditions. Installing an acoustic floor or wall solution will improve the acoustic performance of the room and help compliance with Part E Building Regulations.

Cellecta sound proofing products

Cellecta sound proofing products for refurbishment applications include:

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To simplify the product selection process the common refurbishment applications have been listed below for you to choose from. For our range of thermal insulation products click here. If you need additional guidance on which products are most suitable for you, please call our experienced sales team on 08456 71 71 74 or via email at

For all relevant constructions consult the 2012 “Sound proofing solutions brochure for refurbishments and conversions handbook” below:


Refurbishment applications

On timber decking/OSB/Floorboards:

Direct to timber joist applications:
In-between timber joists

Suitable Refurbishment Products

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