New Build Acoustic Insulation

Cellecta manufacture a range of acoustic insulation for new build projects.



Part E- New Build Acoustic Insulation

To comply with part E of the building regulations, all new build separating floors and walls must be constructed to achieve minimum sound insulation values. Cellecta’s new build acoustic insulation solutions have been designed to help meet and exceed these sound proofing requirements.

Methods of compliance

To achieve these regulations there are methods of compliance; Robust detail and Pre-completion testing (PCT). Robust detail compliant products are proven solutions that don’t require testing after installation. PCT products require testing after insulation to ensure they meet the building regulation

Excellence in Acoustic Insulation

Sound proofing solutions for all floor and wall constructions available in the Cellecta range have been engineered to deliver excellent acoustic performance to provide optimum living and working conditions for occupants. Each product has been designed to provide simple installation and is supported by a team of technical experts to help match your exact soundproofing requirements.

Cellecta Soundproofing Solutions & Systems

Cellecta offer a multitude of Robust detail (Rd) compliant new build acoustic insulation solutions that will help you to exceed the demands of Part of E of the Building Regulations. Rd solutions include:

  • YELOfon HD10+, which features its own proprietary Robust detail E-FC-5 & E-FC-17.
  • ScreedBoard 28 the only single layer acoustic product for timber floors with a Robust detail (E-FT-5, E-FT-6 & E-FS-3).

Cellecta also manufacture a wide range of Pre Completion Test (PCT) solutions to address airbourne and impact sound transmission through floors and walls.

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