Acoustic Wall Insulation for New Build and Refurbishments

Acoustic Wall Insulation for New Build and Refurbishment Projects

Sound proof wall insulation

To improve the acoustic efficency of an existing or new build masonry, timber stud or metal frame wall, Cellecta has developed two high performance acoustic wall insulation treatments FIBREfon HiGYP 28 and FIBREfon HiGYP 30TM with FIBREfon Baffle Strips.

HiGYP boards feature a higher density than traditional gypsum wall boards and a high performance resilient layer (FIBREfon). These properties are effective in eliminating impact and airborne noise and produce treatments that deliver outstanding levels of acoustic performance for both separating and partition walls. Acoustic wall lining systems are ideal for reducing the transmission of sound from a neighbor or an internal room that produces significant noise. When combined with an acoustic floor insulation system additional soundproofing benefits can also be achieved.

Acoustic Wall Insulation Applications (HiGYP 28)

Lightweight Masonry Walls with timber floor construction (HiGYP 30TM with FIBREfon Baffle Strips)

Key benefits of Cellecta Acoustic Wall Insulation

  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Thin solutions reduce impact on room space
  • Pre completition test PCT solutions
  • Quick and easy to intall
  • Code for Sustainable Homes Pol.1 compliant
  • Environment Friendly -100% recyclable

HiGYP 28


Product details

Installing FIBREfon HiGYP 28 high density composite wall boards will dramatically reduce airborne sound transmission through all types of existing or new build timber stud, metal frame and masonry walls. The boards high density facing combined with an acoustic resilient layer, produce a wall with excellent soundproofing properties, ideal for eliminating noise from a neighboring apartment or an internal room that produces unwanted noise

  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Only  28mm thick
  • Increases the thermal performance of the wall
  • Interlocking edge detail
  • Easy to cut to size and install



Product details

FIBREfon HiGYP 30TM are specifically designed to be used in conjuction with FIBREfon Baffle strips to significantly reduce airbourne noise transmission in timber floor and lightweight masonry wall developments. The system has been designed to overcome potential soundproofing issues caused by the combination of low density walls and floor developments.

  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Only 30mm thick
  • Speciaclly designed to solve sound issues in developments with timber floors and masonry walls
  • Increases the thermal performance of the wall
  • Interlocking edge detail
  • Easy to cut to size and install

FIBREfon Baffle Strips


Product details

FIBREfon Baffle Strips are designed to be used in conjunction with HiGYP 30TM acoustic wall boards. When combined they will deliver excellent sound proofing properties in developments with timber floors and masonry walls.

  • Unique high performance acoustic absorption system
  • Only increases wall thickness by 20mm
  • Easy to cut to size and install
  • Produces a small void to run services

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