High Performance Soundproofing for Floors and Walls

Cellecta manufacture a comprehensive range of acoustic insulation solutions for floor and wall applications. Soundproofing solutions have been designed for new build and refurbishment applications to meet or exceed part E Building regulation requirements.

Cellecta soundproofing

Soundproofing products for all types of floor and wall construction have been manufactured, including under screed resilient layers, acoustic overlay boards, dry screed board treatments, acoustic battens, acoustic flanking strips, soft floor acoustic coverings, and wall lining boards

Cellecta product range

Cellecta’s soundproofing product range includes YELOfon HD10+ the under screed resilient layer, which features its own Robust detail E-FC-5,  ScreedBoard 28 the only single layer acoustic flooring system for timber floors with a Robust detail (E-FT-5), and  high performance wall insulation products HiGYP 30TM 

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Acoustic Insulation Soundproofing Required

Sound Insulation for floors and walls

Concrete floor Soundproofing

Sound insulation for the following Concrete floor types

Timber Floor Soundproofing

Steel Floor Soundproofing

Sound insulation for the following Steel floor types

Acoustic wall Soundproofing Applications

Masonry Wall – Composite wall lining suitable for new and existing solid airecrete and aggregate block walls

Metal Frame Wall – Composite wall lining acoustic treatment fixed directly to metal frame suitable for new & existing walls

Timber Wall – Composite wall lining acoustic treatment fixed indirectly to timber studs suitable for new and existing stud walls

Lightweight Masonry Walls with timber floor construction

 Lightweight Masonry Wall with Timber Separating floor

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