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Acoustic Floor Insulation

Specialising in Acoustic floor Insulation and soundproofing solutions, Cellecta have an excellent reputation for solving acoustic requirements for  developments of all descriptions including refurbishment and vast multi-unit accommodation projects. Part E regulations state that all floors must be built in such a way to achieve minimum sound insulation values. Cellecta‘s range of solutions, include deep batten systems, dry screed overlay boards, under screed layers, fibrous roll, soft resilient mats, and acoustic chipboards. To discuss your specific soundproofing requirements email or call 01634 296 677.Below are some of the projects that have recently been completed:

Concrete Acoustic Floor  Insulation

In most cases, the mass of a concrete based floor accounts for the airborne sound that needs to be eliminated to conform to the required acoustic values. Impact sound transmission can be addressed with a suitable acoustic insulation treatment installed below a screed or by laying a floating floor treatment on a level sub floor. Cellecta manufacturer a number of number different solutions to solve these soundproofing requirements, include the industry recognised YELOfon HD10+ system (under screed) and ScreedBoard 28 (floating floor). For specific concrete floor applications please follow the the links below:

Timber Acoustic Floor Insulation

By nature, timber floors are low in mass, making them more susceptible to poor acoustic performance and therefore more challenging to ensure compliance. Using a floating floor acoustic treatment will add mass and reduce impact sound transmission at source. The addition of plasterboards and resilient ceiling bars will de-couple and add further mass. Fitting a fibrous slab or quilt in the ceiling void will help defuse sound. The acoustic insulation treatments used should combine a high performance resilient layer and perimeter flanking strip that, when installed correctly, will exceed the legislative acoustic standards.

Steel Acoustic Floor Insulation

Steel floors are typically specified for speed of build or tight site access. As with Concrete and timber floors, there are various types of steel floor construction which influences the type of acoustic insulation that should be installed. For specific floor types use the links below:

Acoustic Floor Insulation for Refurbishment and Conversion Floors

Existing timber floors typically have a low mass and sometimes unknown construction details, making them inherently difficult to achieve the prescribed acoustic values without addressing a number of areas.The floor’s mass can be increased by the introduction of additional plasterboard layers. Cellecta’s FIBREfon Micro 50 acoustic insulation can be placed in the ceiling void to defuse airborne sound, Resilient bars will de-couple the ceiling and a floating acoustic floor insulation treatment, such as Cellecta’s DECKfon 26T will reduce impact sound at source.

DECKfon 26T Instalaltion

Cellecta’s Acoustic Floor Insulation Solutions

Cellecta manufacture a variety of soundproofing solutions and systems for floors. Here is a brief introduction to two of most recognized solutions, for all of our products through the products page here

ScreedBoard 28 acoustic floor board


ScreedBoard 28 is the ultimate single layer acoustic overlay treatment, featuring interlocking edges for installation convenience. Its high density and unique resilient layer provides unrivalled acoustic performance

  • Only 28mm thick
  • Suitable for all types of timber and concrete floors
  • Robust Detail treatment for E-FT-5EF-T-6 and FFT4 compliant
  • Hard wearing surface, looks and feels like a screed
  • Interlocking edges – no need for screws
  • Easy to cut and install, can be cut with a hand or skill saw

YELOfon HD10+ Acoustic Flooring

HD10 Acoustic Floor Insulation

YELOfon HD10+ is the ultimate acoustic resilient layer for underneath a floating screed. The acclaimed high density, non cross-linked, HCFC free polyethylene resilient layer system carries its own proprietary Robust detail E-FC-5.

  • Superior impact sound deadening properties
  • Suitable for all types of concrete floors and screeds
  • Lightweight, easy to cut and install rolls
  • Robust detail treatment (E-FC-5)
  • Over 7,000,000m2 successfully installed

For specific acoustic floor insulation requirements contact Cellecta’s technical team on 01634 296 677 or fill out the contact form here.

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