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Dry ScreedBoard Flooring Speeds up Build Times

Dry ScreedBoard Flooring Speeds up Build Times

Speed up Build Times With Dry Screed Flooring

Need motivation to get your project moving this monday? Installing a dry ScreedBoard flooring system can significantly reduce development build times, by removing the drying times associated with wet screed floors. A unique interlocking edge detail (no screws required) and ability to accept foot traffic immediately provides further time saving benefits. Once installed, workers are able to install ceramic tiles, carpets and vinyl flooring immediately. 


Underfloor Heating & Soundproofing

On ground floors ScreedBoard’s can help optimise underfloor heating conditions. On upper floors they can be installed for high performance soundproofing, or as a combined underfloor heating and soundproofing solution.

Dry Screed Logistical Benefits

Dry ScreedBoard systems offer significant logistical benefits through fewer site deliveries. For example 22 lorry loads would be required to transport 250 cubic metres of traditional wet screed for a 50 unit building; in contrast, only four lorry loads carrying 40 cubical metres of ScreedBoard would be required for the same building. Furthermore, as a product manufactured from 100% recycled content ScreedBoard delivers significant environmental benefits.


ScreedBoard 28 and ScreedBoard 20


  • ScreedBoard 28 is a composite dry screed acoustic treatment designed to exceed the requirements of Part E and is suitable for all types of floors.
  • ScreedBoard 20 is the ideal product for floors with an underfloor heating system due to its low thermal resistance and rapid heat transfer characteristics. It also delivers excellent performance as a combined acoustic and under floor heating applications.

For more information on ScreedBoard click here or contact our technical team on 08456 71-71-74 or contact us here.

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