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Essential Insulation Guides

Cellecta pride themselves on offering an extensive range of technical insulation resources that enable architects and buyers to identify and specify optimum thermal and soundproofing insulation products for current and future projects.


Soundproofing Solutions – New Build

Featuring in-depth construction details for floors, walls and ceilings the New Build Soundproofing Solutions Guide is widely regarded as the ultimate resource for acoustic insulation. Encompassing solutions for new build timber, concrete and steel floors, solutions have been designed to help meet and exceed the rigorous demands of Part E Building Regulations. No matter what stage of construction, it is quick and easy to identify potential soundproofing solutions for any project.

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Thermal Insulation – Essential Guide

Incorporating super strength, thermal insulation solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications the HEXATHERM thermal insulation guide is a must for all specifiers and buyers. HEXATHERM is a range of super strong, high water resistance insulation products that are strongly suited for floor, basement, swimming pool and inverted roof applications. Excellent thermal insulation properties that last the life of the build, make HEXATHERM the ideal choice for all types of projects.

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Refurb & Conversion Soundproofing Solutions

The handy A5 soundproofing insulation guide is a must for all builders and specifiers looking to upgrade or convert an existing property. Solutions have been specifically designed for various flooring requirements and once installed will help achieve Part E Building Regulations and making the development suitable for new tenants or homeowners. The soundproofing solutions guide is also designed to make it easy to identify solutions to resolve noisy neighbor and external sound issues .

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TETRiS Block and Beam Insulation Brochure

Cellecta’s unique TETRiS system is designed to replace the traditional concrete blocks installed in a ground floor block and beam system. Providing extensive thermal and environmental benefits, in addition to significantly reduced overall build times TETRiS has been installed in over 10,000 homes nationwide and is high regarded by specifiers, builders and installers. The TETRiS block and beam insulation brochure features an array of construction details that enable architects and designers to incorporate thermally efficient environment friendly flooring into their development.

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TETRiS Block and Beam Brochure 2014

Never Go Without – Download the Insulation App

Cellecta’s insulation brochures can also be viewed via your smartphones internet browser, or for the complete experience download the “Cellecta Insulation Solutions App” from the app store. Featuring installation videos, brochures, news, specification clauses and more the power of Cellecta insulation is just a few swipes away.

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