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Industry Optimised – ScreedBoard Flooring

Industry Optimised – ScreedBoard Flooring

Optimised for the Industry – ScreedBoard


Award WinnerScreed_Board_28

ScreedBoard flooring is helping to broaden the horizon’s of modern construction. As an accredited dry screed acoustic and underfloor heating board, ScreedBoard’s offer significant benefits over traditional methods of flooring construction. ScreedBoard continues to evolve as a system to maximise its suitability within all types of floor construction.

ScreedBoard’s dry screed properties represent significant advantages for installers and end-users, eco-friendly credentials coincide with the ethos of timber construction and screw-free interlocking edge detail speeds up build times and reduce costs. Combined with the systems versatility to accept various floor finishes, positive impact on consumer energy costs and space saving properties ScreedBoard is an innovative product designed to meet the demands of modern construction.

What is ScreedBoard?

ScreedBoard is the award winning, low profile, dry screed 20/28mm gypsum based floor board manufactured from 100% recyclable material that features a unique interlocking edge detail (no screws).

ScreedBoard 20 Installed

Optimised for Underfloor Heating

ScreedBoard’s low thermal resistance (0.05m2/kW) allows under floor heating to spread evenly through the floor and provide occupants with optimal warmth under foot. ScreedBoard typically increases heat efficiency by 30% – 40% when compared to timber overlays, providing the end-user, with optimum performance & cost saving benefits.

Optimised for Acoustic Soundproofing

When installed as an acoustic system on a separating floor ScreedBoard’s deliver excellent sound proofing performance. ScreedBoard is the only single layer treatment with a Robust detail for timber floors and features two proprietary Robust details; E-FT-5 and E-FT-6 and is FFT4 compliant for concrete floors.


ScreedBoard benefits

Eclipsing Traditional Soundproofing Methods

Compared to traditional acoustic batten systems that require four individual components, ScreedBoard is super slim and involves only two components for successful installation (the board and the acoustic edge strip). This significantly speeds up build times and typically saves a course of bricks per storey, reducing the height of the roof ridge. Typical acoustic performance when installed as an E-FT-5 system is 51dB Airborne and 55dB Impact, exceeding the Part E Building Regulation requirements.

ScreedBoard the Logistic Lifesaver

ScreedBoard offers significant logistical benefits through fewer site deliveries. For example 22 lorry loads would be required to transport 250 cubic metres of traditional screed for a 50 unit building; in contrast, only four lorry loads carrying 40 cubical metres of ScreedBoard would be required for the same building, reducing the amount of traffic and noise associated with the construction.

Modern Construction in Mind

ScreedBoard‘s evolution as a modern method of construction is further emphasised in its inclusion in Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) projects, including Mayfield School development in illford. ScreedBoard has also featured on a number of prestigious Aberystwyth and Oxford student accommodation projects and a former Malt House in Lichfield


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