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Have a Soundproof Valentines

Have a Soundproof Valentines

Are You Soundproof this Valentines?


Many new build, refurbishment and conversion projects suffer from inferior soundproofing performance. This can significantly effect the selling potential of a new property and the living conditions for existing occupants. Inadequate soundproofing can make it difficult to sleep, enjoy free time or simply occupy the place of residence in peace. 


New Build Soundproofing


All new build projects must comply with Part E Acoustic Building Regulations, all separating floors must be constructed in such a way to achieve minimum sound insulation values. Installing high performance acoustic insulation solutions provides peace of mind that residents will enjoy a tranquil living experience throughout their occupancy. Failure to specify the right systems and install all of the required components can have significant repercussions on not only Building Control sign off, but occupants satisfaction.

At Cellecta we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of soundproofing insulation products for all types of new build developments. Solutions have been designed to meet the stringent demands of timber, concrete and steel floors in addition to metal frame, timber stud and masonry block walls.


All of these high specification solutions have been compiled within Cellecta’s Acoustic Insulation Solutions guide that can be viewed and downloaded here. For more soundproofing insulation resources click here.

Change of Purpose and Existing Properties




When altering an existing property for a specific purpose such as occupant residency, it is essential that Part E Building E Regulations are met. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the development not being signed off by Building Control, as a consequence remedial work must take place to upgrade the projects soundproofing. Therefore significantly greater costs will be incurred than if these issues were dealt with at an earlier stage.

Equally, existing properties may suffer from poor acoustic performance. This can often be the case in a house where soundproofing may hold less significance than in separated dwellings  such as flats or apartments. However, noise emerging from a specific room can be extremely frustrating for other occupants effecting day to day living, creating a demand for soundproofing solutions out of necessity rather than achieving Building Regulations.

Covering various floor and wall constructions for refurbishment and conversion projects the Cellecta Soundproofing Solutions Guide is  essential for anyone in the process of refurbishing an existing development or considering their options for future projects.

Specify Sound Proof Solutions
 To ensure your project is compliant with Part E acoustic Building Regulations, meets the living standings of occupants or to request a physical copy of our brochures contact Cellecta’s expert technical team on 08456 71-71-74 or via email here


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