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Cross Laminated Timber Project Partnered with Cellecta Products

Cross Laminated Timber Project Partnered with Cellecta Products

Cross Laminated Timber Project Partnered with Cellecta Products


Cellecta’s ScreedBoard underfloor heating system (left) has been installed into the Cross Laminated Timber, Mayfield School development in Illford. Encompassing 3 high performance insulation components; ScreedBoard 20 dry screed boards, HEXATHERM XFLOOR routed insulation panels and FIBREfon 8 resilient layers the system was recognised as the ideal soundproofing and under floor heating floating floor system for the modern development.

As a relatively new method of building, Cellecta’s specification on this project highlights the systems versatility and the degree of confidence in the solution to meet the requirements of modern construction methods.

Cellecta Products an Ideal Partner for Cross Laminated Timber

The cutting edge project consists of a £21 million extension, doubling the size of the school to create new sports facilities and a wide range of new classrooms for students. Cross Laminated Timber is a relatively new innovation in timber construction and can be used for long spans and assemblies including floors, walls and roofs. One of the major advantages of Cross Laminated Timber is that the panels are manufactured and completed off site, allowing them to be delivered and installed on site at the exact time they are required for installation.

Dry System Speeds up Build Times

The Cellecta system was the ideal partner as its dry properties offered significant benefits over traditional wet systems that require lengthy drying times. Additional benefits include ScreedBoard’s interlocking edge detail, which removes the need for screws and can significantly reduce build times. Cellecta’s products were also specified due to their exceptional sound proofing and thermal performance properties, both essential features for optimising students learning experience in educational environments.


A Benefit to the Community

The school governors hope the extension will help Mayfield School match the best schools in the area and benefit the whole local community by increasing the schools capacity and creating a variety of new jobs.

For more information of soundproofing and underfloor heating solutions for Cross Laminated Timber developments or any insulation requirements contact Cellecta’s technical team on 08456 71 71 74 or via email at technical@cellecta.co.uk

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