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The Ultimate Alternative to Wet Screed – ScreedBoard

The Ultimate Alternative to Wet Screed – ScreedBoard

The Ultimate Alternative to Wet Screed



As a dry screed flooring system, the award winning ScreedBoard removes the drying times typically associated with wet screeds. Its dry properties allow floor finishes to be introduced immediately and for other trades to be introduced far sooner in the build, allowing the development to be completed sooner. The risks of “going off” that may occur with wet screed are also removed as ScreedBoard can be stored on site until they are required for installation.

Fewer Deliveries & Quicker Build Times



Significant cost savings and logistical benefits can be attained through needing fewer site deliveries. This is achieved as 1m2 of ScreedBoard® typically weighing 26kg in comparison to 130kg for sand cement screed or 80kg for 40mm of anhydrite screed.  Where ScreedBoard is built in to a development from planning stages the 20mm profile boards can reduce floor heights significantly, creating additional room space for a more spacious environment.


ScreedBoard 20 Installed

Ground and Separating Floor Applications

The boards offer significant benefits for both ground and separating floor applications. On ground floors they can help achieve optimum underfloor heating conditions for occupants, on upper floors they can be used for high performance sound proofing or as a combined heating and sound proofing solution. ScreedBoard’s low thermal resistance allow them to outperform common floor finishes including wet screeds and chip boards.



  • For more information about ScreedBoard or any other insulation requirements please contact one of our technical advisors by calling 08456-71-71-74 or via email at technical@cellecta.co.uk.


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