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No Screws, No Slip Ups with ScreedBoard

No Screws, No Slip Ups with ScreedBoard

No Screws, No Slip Ups with ScreedBoard


Recognised for ease of installation, ScreedBoard’s unique interlocking edge detail means no screws are necessary when installing the boards. All that is needed is bead of ScreedBoard adhesive. This feature is hugely beneficial as it reduces the potential for damaging pipes when installing ScreedBoard on top of an under floor heating system, a genuine risk when using other similar dry screed systems. This can prevent costly remedial work to fix a damaged pipe after an entire floor has been completed. Installers can lay the boards with confidence that the under floor heating will remain undamaged.

No Screws Saves Money and Time

No screws is also a significant cost saving benefit in comparison to other similar dry screed floor boards that require several screws per board to be correctly installed. When extrapolated across an entire project this saves hundreds if not thousands of screws and the labour costs associated with installation. This feature enables floors to be laid quicker and other trades to be introduced earlier in the build, improving the chance that the development will be completed sooner.


  • For more information about ScreedBoard click or any other insulation requirements please contact one of our technical advisors by calling 08456-71-71-74 or via email at technical@cellecta.co.uk.

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