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HEXATHERM gets the Elephants seal of Approval at Longleat Safari Park

HEXATHERM gets the Elephants
Seal of Approval at Longleat Safari Park


Cellecta’s HEXATHERM XFLOOR is currently being installed at the new Elephant Sanctuary at Longleat Safari & Adventure Park in Wiltshire. The sanctuary will consist of a 994m2 heated accommodation area and a 2.4-acre outdoor space with a ‘Thirst Pockets Elephant Spa’ making it the perfect habitat for the elephants. The sanctuary will be a permanent home to Anne, Britain’s last circus elephant and Europe’s oldest elephant and 3 other elephants. The multi million pound development has been part funded from donations made by visitors and the general public with the remainder financed by Longleat.

The Perfect Match

There couldn’t be a product more perfect for this project than HEXATHERM; with its very high compressive strength the weight of 4 elephants stomping around will be no match.

In addition, HEXATHERM is suitable for areas in close proximity to water due to its high water resistance, ideal for when the elephants start splashing around in their new spa.


XFLOOR is a range of high compressive strength, extruded polystyrene thermal floor insulation boards designed specifically for domestic, commercial and industrial flooring applications. Available in thickness’ from 20-160mm XFLOOR floor insulation boards are ideal for a multitude of floor requirements, including basements, above ground bearing concrete floor slabs, and on suspended beam and block floors.


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