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Cellecta Receives BM TRADA ISO 9001 Certification

Cellecta BM TRADA ISO 9001 Certification

Cellecta are pleased to announce they have been awarded BM Trada ISO 9001 certification, an internationally recognised standard for quality. This certification demonstrates that procedures in the organisation are in place to ensure the highest operational standards are met. It proves that Cellecta meets internal standards for quality which in turn meets international standards. BM Trada states that ‘ISO 9001 is based on eight quality management principles which provide a structured yet flexible framework for ensuring your processes consistently meet the needs of your customers’.


Benefits of ISO 9001 System Certification

The benefits of ISO 9001 for Cellecta’s customers include continued:

    • Improvements in the delivery of service
    • Improvements in line management structures
    • Improvements in communication, planning and administration
    • Improvements in wastage through a reduction in rejects and failures from design through to supply
    • Improvements in the management of suppliers and subcontractors
    • Improvements in competitiveness by using ISO 9001:2008 as an important marketing tool
  • ISO 9001 certification represents Cellecta’s continuous development to sustain its position at the forefront of the construction and insulation industry. For additional information call the Cellecta technical team on 08456 71-71-74.

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