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Installer Friendly Insulation Rolls – Micro 50

Installer Friendly Insulation Rolls

Installing insulation rolls between joists, ceiling cavities and partition voids, is often an unforgiving task for installers. Itchy glass and rock particles are a common issue, which makes installation often unbearable and leaves an unwanted itchiness during and after fitting. Cellecta’s FIBREfon Micro 50 sound proofing insulation rolls remove this common issue. Manufactured from polyester micro fibres, Micro 50 rolls are super soft making them completely itch-free. During installation the rolls don’t release any particles, making them easy to handle on site and a more enjoyable experience than insulation roll alternatives.


Superior Sound Proofing

FIBREfon Micro 50 sound absorbing insulation roll

Micro 50 insulation rolls deliver excellent sound proofing performance, when installed as part of a new build or refurbishment acoustic flooring system. Unique benefits include the products 50mm profile, which delivers the same sound performance as a 100mm equivalent.

This means they not only produce excellent acoustic performance, but take up less space on deliveries and in storage. They can be fitted between joists in ceiling cavities or the void in partition walls.

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The System

FIBREfon Micro 50 is an essential component of Cellecta’s refurbishment and conversion flooring systems. After removing the existing floor boards or ceiling below, the Micro 50 insulation rolls are installed between the joists. The insulation rolls are supplied 400mm, which means they can be installed between the joists without any additional trimming.

DECKfon 26T Instalaltion

The old floor boards are replaced or new boards installed, followed by one of Cellecta’s acoustic floating floor treatments; typically DECKfon 26T or ScreedBoard 28. An acoustic flanking strip (YELOfon FS50) is then installed around the flooring treatment to prevent sound leakage.

See Sound Proofing for yourself

Installing the rolls as part of one of Cellecta’s sound proofing systems is simple. The following installation has been produced to demonstrate how to install each component of Cellecta’s DECKfon 26T system featuring FIBREfon Micro 50 insulation rolls between the joists. For additional technical advice call 08456 71-71-74 or email technical@cellecta.co.uk

Product Benefits

  • Only half the thickness required compared to traditional mineral wool to achieve the same acoustic performance
  • SUPER SOFT NON-ITCH fibres, no glass or rock. Soft and easy to handle
  • Available in two thickness’: 15 & 50mm
  • Supplied pre-cut to suit the application

Sound Proof Advice

For additional information Cellecta’s sound proofing systems and technical advice specific to you project call our team of technical experts on 08456 71-71-74  or email technical@cellecta.co.uk

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