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Sound Proofing Your Project

Sound Proofing Your Project


Essential Sound Proofing

When planning for or considering a refurbishment or conversion project, sound proofing may not be at the top of your to do list. However, no matter if you are converting a room above a shop into an apartment or turning a house from a single occupancy to multiple apartments, sound proofing is essential.

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Sound Proofing Regulations

Impact and airborne noise pollution must meet a given criteria in order to comply with Part E Building Regulations, with converted dwellings being tested prior to completion of the project. Failure to comply with these tests will mean the project cannot be signed off and additional sound proofing will need to be introduced before a development is regarded as fit for living. Introducing sound proofing later and completing additional testing can be very costly. Therefore it is recommended that sound proofing is considered early on in any project. For more information on part E Building Regulations click here.

Sound Proof Satisfaction

Inadequate sound proofing can cause significant dissatisfaction for tenants and occupants as their living environment is invaded by external noise sources including noisy neighbours and general every day foot traffic. Furthermore, poor living experiences, may have a long term negative effect on the company responsible for the refurbishment or conversion workmanship. It may also be a deciding factor in whether a potential buyer or tenant chooses to purchase/rent a property.

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Sound Advice for Your Project

Complying with sound and acoustic building regulations can be a confusing prospect for any large or small conversion project. With various factors to consider, including floor type, conditions and room function selecting the best sound proofing solution is a difficult decision to make by yourself. For product and technical advice specific to your project contact Cellecta today on 08456 71-71-74 or contact us here.

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Typical Sound Proofing Solutions:

DECKfon 26T Instalaltion

DECKfon Acoustic Overlay Boards

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DECKfon acoustic overlay treatments are designed for conversion projects where the joist are covered with a timber decking and the ceiling is to be replaced. They can also be used to reduce impact sound transmission through a concrete floor.

  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Available in three thickness’: 17, 26 & 30mm
  • Incorporates moisture resistant floorboard
  • Tongue and groove edge detail
  • Quick and easy to install

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Sound proofing for refurbishment applications

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DECKfon soundproofing overlay boards are available in three thickness’ 17mm (17T), 26mm (26T) and 30mm (30T). Each of the boards have been designed to significantly increase the sound proofing performance of existing timber floors in a refurbishment development. The boards are installed on top top of a timber sub-deck, laid on timber floor joists.View the installation video below for more information


DECKfon 26T

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