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YELOfon HD10+ A Sound Choice for Under Screeds

YELOfon HD10+ A Sound Choice for Under Screeds


Sound Choice for Under Screeds – YELOfon HD10+

Specifically designed to be installed under a floating screed on a concrete floor, YELOfon HD10+ is a high performance sound proofing layer with stand-out features.  The system has been installed in various domestic and commercial developments across the UK including apartments, student accommodation, airports, libraries and other applications requiring premium sound proofing. In addition to the systems excellent acoustic performance (Robust detail E-FC-5), YELOfon HD10+ also excels in installation, practicality and cost effectiveness.

YELOfon HD10+ System Benefits

Installation Convenience

A notable benefit is the rolls lightweight and easy to handle properties, making them easy to move around on site. This represents a significant advantage for ground workers and installers who traditionally use heavy rubber based systems requiring a 2 man lift. Each YELOfon HD10+ roll has a coverage area of 50m2 and weighs just 20kg, in comparison to typical rubber rolls that have a lower coverage of 10m2 and weigh 36kg. This may significantly reduce installation times as each roll covers a larger area, help reduce potential risk of injury from lifting and during installation.

Avoid the following potential issues:


Complete Sound Proofing Solution

The convenience for specifiers and installers is highlighted further as YELOfon HD10+ is supplied as a complete system. This means that each pack includes all the items that are required for installation, so in addition to the YELOfon HD10+ rolls, you receive a roll of YELOfon edge strip to prevent acoustic flanking around the perimeter and J-strip joining tape to combine the two components and prevent sound leakage. Other products are commonly supplied separately which can be inconvenient and confusing. The system packs ensure the installer is using the correct products every time.

Easy to Cut Corners

When installing the system, ground workers can cut the rolls quickly and simply with a standard Stanley knife. This makes for easy detailing round doorways, corners and more intricate areas such as waste pipes. Other systems can prove extremely difficult to cut, with rubber often blunting blades or taking significant time to cut.


Compatible All Round Performer

YELOfon HD10+ can we be used underneath both sand cement and anhydrite floating screeds, making the system extremely flexible for installers. In addition under floor heating systems can also be laid over the system either with or without an additional thermal insulation board. With under floor heating systems becoming increasingly popular, this represents a significant benefit to the developer and the end consumer who can enjoy the benefits of minimum sound intrusion and a heated floor under foot.

Cost Saving Quality

Aside from the significant costs retained from faster install times and installation equipment, the YELOfon HD10+ System is typically cheaper than other Robust detail solutions used in the same application.


Robust Detail – Sound Proof Assurance

Featuring it’s own proprietary Robust Detail, the YELOfonHD10+ system is a top performing sound proofing solution. Robust detail accreditation is achieved after a series of rigorous tests are completed which confirm the products ability to exceed Part E Building Regulations and removes the need for Pre-Completition Testing of sound performance. Robust detail accreditation is recognized industry wide and gives confidence to specifiers that solutions are fit for purpose.


Sound Proofing that Speaks for Itself

Over 8,000,000m2 of YELOfon HD10+ has been installed across various new build developments across the United Kingdom over the last 8 years and is widely recognised as the ultimate sound proofing solution for under screeds. Recent developments featuring the system include  43 apartments in  Rodney Parade Newport,  24 Holiday apartments in Westward Ho and 15 apartments in Monmouthshire. For more technical information about YELOfon HD10+ and its suitability for your existing and upcoming projects contact Cellecta’s technical team on 08456 71-71-74 or via email at technical@cellecta.co.uk.

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