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ScreedBoard 20 – Sound Solution for Oxford University Student Accommodation

ScreedBoard 20 –  Sound Solution for Oxford University Student Accommodation

ScreedBoard Chosen for Oxford University Accommodation

In 2012, 9000m2 of ScreedBoard 20 “The Ultimate Floorboard” was successfully installed in the prestigious University of Oxford student accommodation development. Located in Central West Oxford overlooking the stunning Castle Mill stream a branch of the River Thames, the £22.5m development of 312 apartments were built for post-graduate students. The ScreedBoard 20 system contributes two very important factors which are vital for any student accommodation: minimal sound intrusion and optimal room temperature via under floor heating. ScreedBoard’s unique lock and lay interlocking edge detail (no screws) and dry screed properties helped speed up the overall build time for the project.  The high density floor boards’ ability to accept ceramic tiles and various other floor finishes also made the system desirable.

100% Recyclable Material

ScreedBoard is a low profile, dry screed 20/28mm gypsum based floor board manufactured from 100% recyclable material that features a unique interlocking edge detail (no screws). ScreedBoard’s low thermal resistance (0.05m2/kW) allows under floor heating to spread evenly through the floor and provide occupants with optimal warmth under foot. ScreedBoard typically increases heat efficiency by 30% – 40% when compared to timber overlays, providing the end-user, with optimum performance & cost saving benefits.

Excellent Sound Proofing

When installed as an acoustic system on a separating floor ScreedBoard’s deliver excellent sound proofing performance. ScreedBoard is the only single layer treatment with a Robust detail for timber floors and features two proprietary Robust details; E-FT-5 and E-FT-6 and are FFT4 compliant for concrete floors. Robust detail approved systems are proven solutions and remove the need for pre-completion sound testing. Compared to traditional acoustic batten systems that require four individual components, ScreedBoard is super slim and involves only two components for successful installation (the board and the acoustic edge strip). This significantly speeds up build times and typically saves a course of bricks per storey, reducing the height of the roof ridge. Typical acoustic performance when installed as an E-FT-5 system is 51dB Airborne and 55dB Impact, exceeding the Part E Building Regulation requirements.



For more information on ScreedBoard click here, or to discuss a specific project call our technical team on 08456 71-71-74 or email technical@cellecta.co.uk.

For more information on the development visit the link below:


ScreedBoard 20 Dry Screed Boards

ScreedBoard 20 Underfloor Heating

ScreedBoard 20 dry screed boards have the lowest thermal resistance when compared to the most commonly used floor finishes, allowing ground water heat pumps and heat recovery systems to work at their most efficient. In addition ScreedBoard 20 floorboards accept ceramic tiles, feature easy to install interlocking edges, and don’t contract or expand when exposed to water.

  • Only 20mm thick dry screed board
  • High thermal performance: 4 x lower thermal resistance than chipboard
  • High acoustic performance – Robust detail E-FT-5 & E-FT-6 compliant
  • Easy to cut and install, can be cut with a hand or skill saw
  • Interlocking edges – no need for screws
  • Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens – accepts ceramic tiles directly

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