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Install a high performance acoustic batten system

Install a high performance acoustic batten system

Q: How do I Install a high performance acoustic battens system?

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A: Installing a high performance acoustic batten system is simple with DECKfon Acoustic Battens 45 & 70. The following installation guide is for general use only, for specific floors and applications please consult our technical team on 08456 71-71-74.

DECKfon Acoustic Battens 45 & 70



Preparation[dt_divider style=”thin” /]

Before commencing installation of the acoustic flooring system, ensure the building is weather

tight. Clear the concrete floor deck of any building debris. Place YELOfon ES5/100 around floor perimeter.

Installation[dt_divider style=”thin” /]

  1. Lay a continuous run of DECKfon battens around the perimeter of the room (foam side down) 50mm away from the ES5/100.
  2. Place subsequent rows of DECKfon battens at 400mm (max) centres for 18mm chipboard and 600mm (max) centres for 22mm chipboard across the floor.
  3. Lay the chipboards in a staggered formation perpendicular to the battens.
  4. Glue all joints with a suitable PVA adhesive, ensuring the boards are fitted together tightly.
  5. Secure the chipboards with suitable screws to the DECKfon battens at 300mm centre

[dt_call_to_action style=”1″ background=”plain” content_size=”normal” text_align=”left” animation=”none” line=”true”]NOTE: To address possible flanking transmission – battens must not make direct contact with the wall and its treatments.  Place YELOfon ES5/100 around the perimeter to prevent this from occurring. [/dt_call_to_action]

Door Thresholds

Should chipboards be butted together at door openings, place a batten under the edge of each board and secure with suitable screws.


To reduce the effect of camber, the floor can be divided by erecting partitions directly off the concrete sub floor. A flanking strip must be then installed to eliminate flanking.

Prior to installing the skirting board, fold down the ES strip and sit the skirting on it. Trim of excess with a sharp knife.

Lightweight METAL stud partitions can be constructed directly off the floating floor. Provide a double row of battens directly under the partition to support it.


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Kitchen units can either be mounted independently of the acoustic treatment with the units being built off a timber packed deck built off the concrete sub floor. The acoustic floor treatment should then be dressed to within 5mms of the packed floor and the gap fully sealed with flexible mastic.

Alternatively, the extra loads imposed by kitchen units can be supported by constructing a DECKfon Batten 45 grid. Place 350mm (max) long sections of batten between and perpendicular to the rows of battens at 300mm centers. Secure the chipboard using suitable screws at 200mm centers.

Bathrooms and Washrooms

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Mount all sanitary ware on the timber packing built off the concrete sub floor and dress the chipboards to within 5mm of the base. Seal any gaps with a flexible mastic


[dt_divider style=”thin” /] Should you need any further assistance in installing DECKfon battens or specific information regarding your soundproofing project, please do not hesitate to contact our technical team on 08456 717174 or email technical@cellecta.co.uk.


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