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A Sound Choice for Encon Cardiff

A Sound Choice for Encon Cardiff

Cellecta Sound Proofing Display at Encon Cardiff

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Cellecta are pleased to announce that Encon recently installed an eye catching Cellecta sound proofing display in their Cardiff branch. The display is instantly noticeable when entering the branch thanks to Cellecta’s trademark hexagon logo combined with a vibrant yellow and red design.

Encon Sound Proofing Display

Sound proofing and Underfloor Heating for Refurb and New Build

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Positioned next to the trade counter the display features a number of Cellecta’s most recognized solutions including DECKfon 26T, Quattro and FIBREfon Micro 50 for refurbishment developments, YELOfon HD10+ for new build concrete floors and ScreedBoard 20 for ground floor under floor heating applications. To enhance the educational benefit of the display, samples of each product have been incorporated into the design allowing them to interact with the products and identify their suitability for their requirements. The display will have a positive impact on the branch, and provide an immediate port of call to customers seeking suitable sound proofing and under floor heating solutions for their projects.

Thank you to Encon Cardiff for providing Cellecta with the space to promote our insulation solutions.

DECKfon 26T & Quattro

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DECKfon 26T acoustic overlay treatments are designed for conversion projects where the joist are covered with a timber decking and the ceiling is to be replaced. They can also be used to reduce impact sound transmission through a concrete floor.DECKfon Quattro structural treatments are designed to be laid directly on timber floor joists for floors where the ceiling is to be retained. MORE INFO.

YELOfon HD10+

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YELOfon HD10+ is the ultimate acoustic resilient layer for underneath a floating screed. The acclaimed high density, non cross-linked, HCFC free polyethylene resilient layer system carries its own proprietary Robust detail E-FC-5YELOfon HD10+ is a lightweight, easy to install system that delivers unrivaled acoustic performance when used to isolate a floating screed from structural concrete floors. MORE INFO

ScreedBoard 20

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ScreedBoard 20 dry screed boards have the lowest thermal resistance when compared to the most commonly used floor finishes, allowing ground water heat pumps and heat recovery systems to work at their most efficient. In addition ScreedBoard 20 floorboards accept ceramic tiles, feature easy to install interlocking edges, and don’t contract or expand when exposed to water. MORE INFO.

More Information

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For information about sound proofing and under floor heating solutions contact Cellecta on 08456 71-71-74 or via email at technical@cellecta.co.uk


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