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ScreedBoard 28 – Sandbanks Project

ScreedBoard 28 – Sandbanks Project

ScreedBoard 28 Acoustic Flooring Installed in Luxury Flats – Sandbanks


Most Sought after Properties in the South[dt_divider style=”thin” /]

This year saw the ultimate acoustic overlay board ScreedBoard 28, installed in a set of the luxury flats in the prestigious area of Sandbanks. The project was a conversion of the Oceanside flats along the admired Sandbanks Road; the area is home to a stunning coast line, golden beach and exclusive high value property.  Sandbanks has by area, the fourth highest land value in the world, making the iconic houses the most sought after properties in the South.

Refurbishment Application[dt_divider style=”thin” /]

There are many benefits of using ScreedBoard 28 in a refurbishment application; it has the ability to significantly improve noise reduction, a perfect choice when trying to eliminate noisy neighbours. ScreedBoard 28 provides a screed look finish with an even, stable surface with the benefit of a considerably quicker build time compared to a traditional wet screed.  ScreedBoard 28 is a very high density gypsum based floor board, featuring high impact resistance and a hard wearing surface capable of accepting direct application of various floor finishes including ceramic tiles and laminate flooring.

For more information on ScreedBoard 28 and Cellecta’s range of sound proofing solutions for refurbishment please call 08456 71-71-74 or contact us here.


Product details

ScreedBoard 28 is the ultimate single layer acoustic overlay treatment, featuring interlocking edges for installation convenience. Its high density and unique resilient layer provides unrivalled acoustic performance

  • Only 28mm thick
  • Suitable for all types of timber and concrete floors
  • Robust Detail treatment for E-FT-5EF-T-6 and FFT4 compliant
  • Hard wearing surface, looks and feels like a screed
  • Interlocking edges – no need for screws
  • Easy to cut and install, can be cut with a hand or skill saw

ScreedBoard ticks all the boxes

  • Acoustics – Excellent impact and airborne performance
  • Under floor heating
  • No screws required
  • Accepts a multitude of floor finishes
  • Manufactured from 100& recycled materials

Fully compatible with the following floor finishes

  • Wooden laminate flooring
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Amtico vinyl flooring
  • Carpet

ScreedBoard 28 Product Details

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