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More Refurbishment Sound Proofing Solutions Installation Guides from Cellecta

DECKfon 26T represents just one of the refurbishment floor solutions that Cellecta offer for conversion timber floors. Alternate solutions include ScreedBoard, the ultimate over lay board for acoustic and underfloor heating applications, the ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms where ceramic tiles and underfloor heating systems may be installed. Alternatively DECKfon 17T a slimmer variation of DECKfon 26T offers high acoustic performance where floor heights are of significant concern. Finally DECKfon Ultramat 15 is a quick and easy to install high performance overlay mat ideal for areas where the ceiling cannot be disturbed and the floor to ceiling height is restricted.

These sound proofing solutions have now been added to an extended installation video, to show their ability to replace DECKfon 26T as part of the sound proofing system for refurbishment timber floors. For more information on these products, follow the links below. Each sound solution has been designed to comply with Part E acoustic legislation, for specific requirements and advice please contact us on 08456 71-71-74.

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DECKfon 17T
DECKfon Ultra mat 15

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